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Skills to Performance

Bellevue University’s transformational learning model: How we embarked on a two-year journey to change corporate learning; what we learned; why it’s important; and how it works.

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7 Principles for Impactful Digital Learning

What does it take to create a high-impact learning program? Regardless of the types of learners, modes of delivery, or topics being used in a learning program, we’ve identified seven key principles that ensure successful, impactful learning projects.

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A Handbook for eLearning Sceptics

A Handbook for E-Learning Sceptics


E-learning has so many advantages that people are gradually coming to realize that we simply can’t do without it. These advantages are far from the theoretical, at a time when companies are eager to enhance the efficiency and long-term cost-effectiveness of the training they provide.

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Learning Hacks: Take Charge and Market Your Training Programs

Marketing your digital training program is an essential step in making sure learners actively join the program and continue to stay involved. However, marketing is not just a question of reasoning and convincing your audience to participate. It is actually a studied implementation of tools and techniques that can help you promote your service.

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5 C-Suite Culture Change Secrets

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Responsibility vs. Accountability

Clearly defining responsibilities is essential. But simply assigning responsibilities can promote a “that’s not my job” mentality when something goes wrong. Encouraging people to go a step further and get personally involved will secure better results every time.

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Udemy for Business Course List

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Udemy for Business Overview

Consumerizing learning for the enterprise.

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How the Workforce Learns in 2016

To help L&D teams better engage employees, Degreed surveyed 512 people to understand how today’s workforce really builds their skills and fuels their careers. Here’s what we learned about the demand for learning and development.

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Learning at the Speed of Change

The classroom based pedagogies are not always impactful enough to create real change in a world that is more complex and volatile.

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UA Online

Delivering world-class education, one employee at a time.

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UA Partnerships

GEICO, Caterpillar, Inc., and the Salt River Project have each signed new partnerships with the University of Arizona in an important move to expand educational access to their employees via UA Online.

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Modernize: A Content Strategy Guide for Maximizing Corporate Training ROI

MODERNIZE by InfoPro Learning provided an organized approach for migrating close to 100 legacy courses to a more modern design, instructional strategy, and device agnostic format.

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Social Media: L&D’s Untapped Resource

Instead of reacting to the new demands of millennials as they enter the workforce, what if we responded by anticipating the new learning styles that will soon rule the L&D community?

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