Sanjay Parker


Change Agents: How to Drive Systematic Change in Learning Organizations to Maximize Impact in a Modern World


Sanjay Parker
Vice President of Thought Leadership and Innovation
Xerox Learning Services

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Sanjay Parker is a husband, father and futurist in a post-modernist world trying to match patterns, build bridges, connect silos and break barriers with technology.

As the vice president of thought leadership and innovation at Xerox Learning Services, his experience includes a concentrated focus on leadership of global enterprise-wide human resources learning systems and compliance-driven deployments; deep understanding of performance, learning, and competency models and management; large data analytics; a demonstrated ability to present and garner support for technology-related initiatives with alignment of high-level global sponsors; deep knowledge of social media technology as related to enterprise leverage and recruitment; integration of established and emerging technologies into e-learning and collaborative user experiences; internet and intranet development; network management and web-based application security.

Parker started his career as network and technology manager for a Big 4 training and event center and was quickly recruited into a newly formed learning innovation group before working on webcast and video streaming platforms. Parker loves being a trusted advisor helping to solve complex business problems and understands how to leverage technology to achieve positive business outcomes. He has also been a contributing member of the internet community since way before it was cool (1991) and has had his code published in magazines for others to learn from.

Parker is a founding member of the Cisco Internet of Things Talent Consortium, and a member of the Crowd Companies Council — focused on the collaborative economy.

Parker graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a degree in cognitive psychology, chemistry and biology, and he earned a minor in music through the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Specialties: Relationships, pattern-matching, innovation, understanding people, learning 3.0, e-learning, social media, linking performance management to competencies to learning, global LMS, account management, relationship management, strategic HR and talent management.

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